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PA: State-of-the-Art Stereo Sound Systems, Wedding PAs, DJ Setups, Karaoke, Wireless Mics, MegaPhones

Lights: Party/DJ/Stage/Band/Video/Photo/Theatre, Disco Ball, Black Lights, Smoke Machines    

: Video Cameras, Projectors, Screens,
GoPro, Backdrops/Green Screen, Broadcast Lights, SoftBoxes

50% Rental fee may be required in advance to reser
ve some items. ID & CC will be required at the time of pick-up*
Larger Events: ask about our on site Technician
. Incl Delivery, Set-Up, Sound, Lights, Background o
r DJ Music, Tear-Down & Pick-Up

Screens & Projectors

Professional PA, Dance Setups, Complete DJ Systems, Karaoke, Ceremony PA

1000 watt System. Standard setup good for most events. 2 PA Speakers, Table, Mixer, Mic, Stands & all Cables (connect your Media device) $100

1000 watt System + Party lights. Standard setup good for most events. 2 PA Speakers, Table, Mixer, Mic, Stands & all Cables (connect your Media device, Laptop, etc) $150

2000 watt System for a nice full sound: Speakers, Subs, Table, Mixer, Mic, Stands & all Cables
(connect your media device) $150

3000 watt System for a big Club-like sound: Great for outdoor parties & bigger events. Speakers, Sub, Table, Mixer, Mic, Stands & all Cables (connect your media device) $175

Karaoke Party Rental Set-Up. 500 watt Karaoke PA, 2 Mics, Laptop loaded w 400 Karaoke songs, Laptop stand, Mixer w reverb, all cabling $150
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200 watt Battery Powered Speaker and mic - for Ceremonies, Speeches & Background Music. Can also plug in your Laptop, guitar, keys, or send music from your media device wirelessly via Blutooth $65

Small 300 watt PA, good for speeches & background music (connect your mp3 device) $75

Small Portable 150 watt PA + Mic.
Good for quick and easy speech set ups $45
Party Lights, Uplights, Lasers, Mirror Balls, Black Lights, LED Pars, Moving Heads

Mix of 4 Party Lights on 8' Stand $50

RGB/UV LED Up-lights - $10 per light

4 Laser Lights on 9' Stand $50

4 Laser Lights on 9' stand + smoke machine to enhance the effect $75

Moving Heads $25 each (6 for $100)

Hi Power Glow Party Black Light $35
(1 light is good for a house party, grab 4 for a gymnasium size event)

Shekere $35 ea
(both for $50)

Djembe & Cajone $50 ea
(both for $75)

Individual Lights $15 each

Micro 3DII

Quad Phase HP

MegaHexPar $10



MicroGalaxian II



5PX Hex


Dekker LED


9' Light Stands $5

Mirror Ball, motor, 10' stand & 3 pin-spots $50
StingStar3Fx $25
3 UV Blacklights Bars $35
Live Production Services - Sound Man with PA, Lights & Video (call for price)
Smoke & Haze Machines, Follow Spot, Wireless Mics

Pro Smoke Machine (fog fluid incl) $35

Basic small Smoke Machine (fog fluid incl) $25

Hazer (fluid ncl) $50 (for a light mist-great for enhancing lights)

Smoke Machine w LED light for a cool colorful Volcano effect $35 (remote and fog fluid incl)

Shure Wireless Hand-held Mics $35

Shure Wireless Headset Mics $35

Shure Wireless Lavalier Clip-On Mic $35

Bubble Machine (Bubble fluid incl) $35
Video Cameras & Accessories

GoPro (5K) $50

Canon Vixia G60 Professional 4K Video/Still Cam $100 (rent 3 cams for a mulit angle shoot for $225)

Canon Standard HD 1920x1080 Camcorder $40

Canon Eos Still Camera. Great for Weddings, Sports Photos, HeadShots, etc. Camera has pop-up flash. $75

DSLR & Camcorder Stabilizer $25

Pro Camera & Camcorder Tripods & Mono-pods $10-$25 each

Chroma Key 24x10 Backdrops $25 each

Photo/Video Backdrops (Black, White, Grey, Blue, Earth Tone) Most backdrops 24'x10' $25 each

Pro Camera Condenser Mic, Cable, Light, Hand-grip, Headphones $50

Video/Photo LED Spot Light $35 (2 for $50)

Broadcast Video/Photo LED Light on 8' stand $35

Bands, Djs - 4 RGB/UV LED Par Color-change-flood
/FX Lights on 9' Stand $50
(or 8 Lights on 2 9' Stand $75)

TVs, Computer Monitors, Laptops

43" LED LCD 4K TVs $75

LG 32" LED LCD 1080p TV $50

24" Computer Monitor $25

Laptop $75

Studio/Live Dynamic, Condenser & Ribbon Mics $25 each

Shure SM7 Broadcast

Harp Mic

Shure KSM27

Shure SM81

Samson Ribbon

Rode NT4 Stero Mic

Heil PR30B Broadcast

AKG D112 Kick Drum Mic

Conference Audio, Event Sound, Studio & Live Equipment Rentals

USB Mixer for Camera/Computer recording $15

Xenyx Mixer w Multi FX $25

QSC 20 channel Digital Mixer

Audio Snake 100' 16x8 $75

Stero Compressor $25

Furman 8 Outlet Power Conditioner $25

Rane Stereo EQ $25

CME Midi Keyboard Controller $50

30'x8' Black Backdrop $100

Stands, DJ Tables, Podium, Music Accessories, Misc

Laptop Stand $25

DJ Laptop & Mixer Table $45 (tablecloth incl)

DJ Fold-Out Table $35 (tablecloth incl)

Podium/Lectern $35

Keyboard Stands $10-$35

Music Stand $25

Projector Table & Ext cable power bar $35 (Projector/Laptop extra)

Portable Overhead Projector $35

Hi Power Fan $25

Bull Horn $50

Battery/AC Powered Portable CD, Mp3, iPod, Radio Player $25

Easel $25

200 watt Bass Amp $50

Vintage style Tube Guitar Amp $35

Fender 15 watt Tube Amp $50

10'x10' Tent (2 available)
$50 each (Delivery/SetUp/PickUp extra)

Umbrella & base mount $25

Umbrella & base mount $25

3 Way Step Ladder $15

20 foot Ladder $25

Iron Table & Chairs $50
(Wedding Register signing, etc)

Small Step Ladder $10

Power Bars, Extension Cables from 15' to 100' $2-$7 each

3-Way Aluminum Cart $35

Credit Cards

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*Customer is liable for rental equipment during event and responsible for the equipment return
*damage or late fee deposit may be required

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